Homophobe tries to preach hate on college campus and gets shut down with a dance party.

Homophobe tries to preach hate on college campus and gets shut down with a dance party.

Apparently if you want to be a homophobic, Islamophobic, misogynist, hate-mongering nut job, the campus of University of California, Irvine, is not the place to do it. Because these students don't stand for hate.


When a man showed up at the school's campus this week preaching homophobia, misogyny and anti-Muslim hate speech, several black students stood up to him, argued with him, ridiculed him, and then eventually shut him down with an all-out dance party, while many other students surrounded them and cheered them on. The whole thing is glorious to behold.

And thanks to a Freshman who goes by "Folake Aina" on Twitter, we can watch the funny and extremely moving video of this anti-hate dance party again, and again, and again:

"Some idiots came to UCI with a big sign saying 'Homo sex is a sin' spreading false extremist messages and this is how UCI dealt with him," she wrote.

​​​In addition to being anti-gay, Aina explained on Twitter that the protesters (there were apparently several of them) were also anti-woman and anti-Muslim:

She also claims that they had ulterior motives, and they "looked like hot pockets." This girl is a shining gem.

And, of course, they were claiming to be Christians, and even…. Jesus?

WWJD? Yeah, probably not be a hateful bigot. It seems like joining these students in an anti-hate dance party would be much more his style.

Oh, and BTW:

Aina's video has been already retweeted over 11 thousand times since she shared it on Tuesday, and Twitter is calling her a queen for shutting down hate:

She then later tweeted an article about one of the bigots with signs getting arrested for kicking a girl in the chest (yeah, definitely not WJWD):


So what's the moral of the story? Love trumps hate, obviously. And also, according to Aina:

Hate-mongering nut jobs, consider yourselves warned.